Contracting a Rare Micro-organism in Thailand

I had a blast in Thailand and there are so many posts I can’t wait to make from my experience while there!
While I was there, through a cut on my foot and what my doctor can only assume was water in a cave I walked through, a little bastard called Leptospirosis got inside of me and up into my lungs and tried to kill me.
It is so rare, SO RARE, to get. There are only a small number of people in the United States every year that get it and now I am one of them.

Basically it is shaped like a corkscrew and it burrowed into my lungs and my lungs began to fill with blood. By the time I made it to the emergency room, my right lung only had a small, maybe an inch round circle, pocket of air at the top of it and the rest wasn’t getting any oxygen at all. My left had a little bit more room, but still not a lot.

There’s a super crazy contraption called a proning bed, only three of them in the US and one happened to be thirty minutes from me. Talk about luck. I had to live on that bed, though I was unconscious, for five days. Two of those days I was suspended upside down! My sister said when my face would turn down, sometimes blood would just leak out of my mouth. Crazy.

They didn’t know if I was going to make it. They estimated, if I lived, I would be in the hospital until at least mid July. I made it home June 6th! The doctors are still a little confused how I am already so well, but none of us are complaining.

I will do a more in depth post with photos when I have more energy in me. (It’s hard to type! I had to re-learn all the muscle memory again, including walking and feeding myself!) I just wanted to post a small update since it’s been a while that I’ve posted anything at all.

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