Eating Vegan In Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger was a bit trickier to navigate through restaurants, than Bergen, when it came to vegan options. But we still survived just fine while there 😊 Similar to Bergen, there are only two establishments here that are 100% vegan. We weren’t able to eat at either, unfortunately! Here are some of the delicious places we had the chance to eat at!

1. Los Tacos

The staff at Los Tacos were seriously so kind! This isn’t a vegan establishment, but they have a few vegan options. I can’t say enough good things about them 😊 They were very helpful when my card was getting declined for being foreign. There’s also an ATM right outside if you have the same issue I did! We ate at Los Tacos on two occasions, and it’s hard to say which I preferred more between the burrito and tacos, but I think the tacos were a little more to my liking. Very good!

2. Inside Kong Oscar

Inside Kong Oscar is another establishment that isn’t all vegan, but has vegan options. They have a few different burgers that are labeled on the menu. When we went here, they had run out of vegan buns, but we already paid for our order. They refunded us, and still served us an open face burger with fries and a salad. So essentially, we got our meals for free. They were very nice here as well, as you can see 😊

3. Renaa Xpress

Renaa Xpress has some vegan options, and the pizza and coffee I had were very tasty! However, the people who worked here were not friendly. At all. Made me feel like they didn’t want us there, for whatever reason 😅 So the food and drinks were great, but the service was not. I can at least recommend the pizza and coffee if you are nearby and needing to get something to eat. Please make sure you choose your table first, so you can tell them your table number. We didn’t realize we needed to do this and I feel like that one mistake made them want to shun us pretty much forever, it was shocking how rude they got. I actually came pretty close to saying never mind and just leaving, but my friend had already paid!
(So flustered here, I didn’t even get a picture! 😅)

4. Kokko

I don’t have any food photos from here, but Kokkos has vegan Sandwiches, pastries and coffees. They have limited opening hours, I believe only three days a week right now, so make sure you check ahead before going, so you know if they’re open.

5. Bonnespiren

Bonnespiren is 100% vegan, but sadly, they were closed the day we tried to go. They’re another establishment that has random and limited operating hours, so make sure you check ahead before you go, so you don’t sadly stand at the door when you find it locked 🙃 My friend has a friend who lives in Stavanger that highly recommended this place to us, so we were really bummed that we never got a chance to try it out.

Sometimes, you might have to wing it and make your own food, or buy some vegan snacks from a Deli De Luca.

If you want to see all of the vegan options in Stavanger, check out HappyCow! There are a lot of options scattered through the city, and once you get off the hillside of the city, down into the city center, it’s a pretty flat and walkable place.
Do keep in mind most of these places serve meat as well, but the places we went were all really knowledgeable with veganism and knew what we could have from their menus, which was definitely helpful 😊

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  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    These food are processed and have too much salt and fat for my tastes.
    I’d prefer veg stir fries with tofu, lentils soups, curries, rice and beans. Salads with nuts seeds berries. Hummus and vegetable

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