Tokyo Photo Scavenger Hunt

I’ll be honest, I tried finding these online and came up super short. Scavenger hunts are something I enjoyed so much in my youth, and can make for fun pictures to document trips. Especially if you’re the type that lives so much in the moment, that you end up with very few pictures to remember your trip by.

On my last trip, it became a bit of a thing to search for Usagi-san, and take a photo every time we noticed a rabbit.

It just so happened that we even spotted an actual live rabbit with his mom in Otonashi Shinsui park and what a thrill that was. I realized searching for rabbits had become a lot like a scavenger hunt and it made me want to go on an actual one, with a list of things to find.
But I couldn’t really find one…

I hope to make more of these for different prefectures and areas, because who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? It’s such a good way to explore new areas, and as I mentioned, document more of your trip!

Tokyo Scavenger hunt in no particular order, staato!

  1. A robot
  2. A lone bench
  3. A cat with a bobbed tail (Japanese Bobtail, not something forced on the kitty!)
  4. A cemetery entrance
  5. A headstone with a burning incense
  6. Bridal shots or a wedding ceremony
  7. Live action Mario Karting
  8. An English translation that makes you giggle
  9. A train car with exterior crazy print/design
  10. A nearly empty (or empty, it can happen!) train platform
  11. Waterbird/fowl floating in a body of water
  12. An outrageously long line for a restaurant/food joint
  13. A shot of Tokyo from above (from a viewing platform or similar)
  14. A sunbathing turtle
  15. A hidden shrine
  16. An entire parking garage dedicated for bikes
  17. A dog park
  18. A decorative mask
  19. A Jeep Wrangler
  20. Traditional clothing



Here’s a few photos for inspiration!

Check out the Scavenger Hunt Master Post, for PDF links in different sizes. I also plan to do them in different notebook sizes, so you can print and paste into a travel journal, if you like doing that kind of thing.
Always use your best judgement out there when photographing!

Please let me know if you do this, I would love to see how it works out for others. Happy hunting!

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