Paris Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here we are again, with another photo scavenger hunt. This time, for Paris, France. Paris was my first real taste of international travel where I didn’t speak the language. I had taken a few French classes, but was hardly conversational. The people were really friendly and got so excited when I’d try to use French with them, even helping me with words and pronunciation. It’s known for being a romantic city, and after visiting, I can see why. Really fancy spots with great backdrops all over the place. You’ll find plenty of fun things to see and do during your time here.

Photo scavenger hunts are a great way to remember to document more of your trip, and also make for fun memories.

Paris photo scavenger hunt in no particular order, start!

  1. Neighborhood bakery
  2. Flower shop
  3. Rowboat
  4. Statue
  5. Underside of the Eiffel Tower
  6. A pink storefront
  7. Eye catching architecture
  8. A parking lot full of only bikes and motorbikes
  9. Tandem bicycle
  10. Dog dressed in clothing
  11. Rose bush
  12. An interesting roadway
  13. A shot of Paris from above
  14. A crowded train platform
  15. A coffee shop you visited
  16. Something rainbow
  17. A long stairway
  18. A grand water fountain
  19. Book shop
  20. A pond with waterfowl/water birds in it


You can click the above photo or here to take you to the masterpost, where you can download the list in the size you prefer.

Please let me know if you participate, or link me to a blogpost if you make one regarding the scavenger hunt! Let me know in the comments if there’s a destination you’d like to see me do, or a size you’d like it in.

Always use your best judgement when taking photographs.

Happy hunting!

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