Fremont State Park and Museum

If you follow my blog, maybe you’ve noticed I have a thing for petroglyphs. It’s a hobby of my sister and mine, tracking them down and just… just looking at them because how freaking cool are they? There is something about the age of these things that just gets me. The fact that they survived time is just really incredible. Every time we head out somewhere, I see if there’s any petroglyphs we can hit up along the way.

I think we may have visited this the weekend after we went through Nine Mile Canyon. We were on a petroglyph high, I suppose. Anyway, Fremont State Park!

The official name is Fremont Indian State Park and Museum (and it is currently open, even with CV19 ruining lives), it’s located in Sevier, Utah. 3820 Clear Creek Canyon Rd, Sevier, UT 84766, to be exact.
Hours of Operation (as of 2/17/2021):
Monday through Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM
Closed Sundays
Here is the official State Park webpage, check it out before going in case there’s any updates you need to know about.

We arrived right after opening hours, but the office was still locked. Just know that could happen to you, too, possibly. But it was fine because there was a pit house replica and a few other cool things right by the museum/gift shop to check out while we waited.


We spent some time in the museum, first watching the little movie they have available. There were a few different rooms to check out in the museum so we took our time there. The ranger at the gift shop was really informative and lent us a map so that we could check out some things along the mountain while we were out hiking. It may have just been on paper, but they really try to reuse them as much as possible so be sure to return it at the end, for the next person 🙂

After the museum, we headed on the paved trails to see those petroglyphs. This is a great accessible trail for all abilities. It isn’t incredibly long, but it has a lot of petroglyphs to see in quite a small area. It’s pretty cool. (Click the photos below for larger versions.)

We came, already having planned to do more hiking, so that’s exactly what we did. Continued on, once the paved trail ended, and began on an unpaved one. We hiked up and down and all around, it was really fun and pretty up there.

There were quite a few sights to see along the way. Some of them were way cool. I mean, just look at these shots.

There were also some incredible views along the way.

Once we finished the hike, we headed back to the gift shop to both return the map and make a few purchases. The same lady who lent us the map told us about a drive to Bullion Canyon (Miner’s Park Historical Trail) in Marysvale we could go on that we did end up going on. In my Hyundai Elantra… We weren’t even in the Jeep for it, so I recommend a heartier vehicle, but it ended up working out in the car. Just a few sketchy spots, if you’d like to take the drive up.

This was a really fun and informative day trip. We’re a few hours from Sevier and it was definitely worth the drive out.

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