Completed Iceland Scavenger Hunt

I’ve made all of these scavenger hunts and haven’t been able to do a single one! I’m happy to report that I was able to take this one with me and check off those boxes throughout my trip 😊

I don’t think I needed any help remembering to take photos, Iceland is too photogenic! But it was still really fun to complete this along the way. I’ll post the checklist again, and end the post with a wonderful photo dump, in order, of all of the things I checked off on my trip.

1. An old church

2. Cliffside Waves

3. Boat, big or small

4. Statue

5. Cobblestone pathway

6. Grazing horse

7. Eye catching architecture

8. The aurora borealis or a star filled sky

9. Roadside sheep

A bit hard to spot, can you see them?

10. Fog covered landscape

11. Entrance to a tunnel

12. An interesting roadway

13. Somewhere in Iceland from above

14. An ominous mountain

15. Where the ocean and sand meet

16. Something rainbow

17. A pop of color

18. Mossy rooftop

19. Cemetery gates

20. An elf house

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