How to Make Vegan Omurice

Jump to the bottom for the recipe, or scroll through the post for either the video, or step by step instructions and to hear about my love of black salt.

Black salt has really changed my life. WOW. I can’t believe that I have been vegan for four and a half years now and just recently have added it to my pantry. I’d heard of it years ago, but I live in a smaller town that just barely got its first full size grocery store this summer. Every once in a while, I take a drive into the bigger cities and go to their Asian markets, and I’ve looked before, but never was able to find it. The food gods shined down upon me my last trip up, when lo and behold, Kala Namak, it’s official name and pink in actual color, there it was.

I’ll be honest, I don’t love Just Egg, but I do like it. I like it enough to buy it every once in a while and make French toast, scrambled eggs, egg salad sandwiches etc., but now… with black salt? Hello!? Y’all, Just Egg + black salt= Delicioso! I can’t believe how incredibly similar it is to actual egg. For those of you who don’t know, Kala Namak, or black salt, has a sulfuric aroma and an eggy flavor.

You can make this omurice without black salt, but I’m telling you now, if the eggy flavor is what you’re looking for, just go out and buy some of this at an Indian or Asian market, or order it online. It’s a great spice to have in your pantry.

I like to get all of my ingredients out and ready before I start doing anything. Make sure you cook your rice ahead of time and chop up any veggies you’re wanting to add to your omurice.

So first, would technically be cooking your rice! I use sushi rice, but you can use whatever kind of rice you like best.
Second, get all of your ingredients out and at the ready.
Then, cut up your veggies, onions first, because you can get the onions cooking while finishing chopping the other veggies.

Next, heat the oil over medium heat and add in your onions.

You’ll want to cook them for a few minutes there until they start to soften and turn more translucent.

Then, add in other veggies that need some time to cook, then the rice.

Mix all together, then add the soy sauce and ketchup. If adding softer veggies, now is a good time to throw them in so they don’t overcook (ex: I tossed in tomatoes at this point).

Once you have that rice mixture all cooked up, remove it from the heat and sit aside.
Next, prepare your “egg” by whisking together Just Egg, milk, and black salt (or nutritional yeast, if you don’t have black salt. Or neither, if you don’t have either!).

After that, grease up that pan well so the egg doesn’t stick, heat up that oil medium heat, and pour egg mixture into the pan. Swirl it around if necessary to cover the bottom fully.

Once the bottom starts to cook, add your cheese, if using any and turn heat down to low.

And once that starts to melt, spoon your rice mixture along the top of it.

Finally, once the egg has cooked, slide it onto a plate (or carefully remove with a big spatula) and fold the egg over the rice (some people roll it up like a burrito) and finish with a drizzle of ketchup.

I use the term “about” as a measurement because these really depend on preferred taste, but this is a good measurement if you’re not sure what you prefer yet.
What I use in this recipe: Extra virgin olive oil, Miyoko’s cheddar shreds, plain oat milk

Rice mixture (serves 4):
2 cups of cooked rice
About 1/4 onion, chopped
About 2 Tbsp soy sauce
About 2 Tbsp ketchup
-Any chopped veggies you might want to add-
About 1 Tbsp preferred cooking oil

For the egg:
About 2 eggs worth of Just Egg
About 1 Tbsp milk of choice
A pinch of black salt, or a sprinkle of nutritional yeast

Other ingredients to add: Vegan cheese Salt and pepper to taste

And enjoy!

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