Seoul Scavenger Hunt

Here we are again, with another photo scavenger hunt. This time, for Seoul, South Korea. I, myself, have never been to Seoul, but South Korea has been on my travel list for quite some time, now. When I do go, I’ll have a scavenger hunt ready and waiting for me. Hopefully I’ll make it there within the next couple of years!

Photo scavenger hunts are a great way to remember to document more of your trip, and also make for fun memories.

Seoul photo scavenger hunt in no particular order, start!

  1. Korean Flag
  2. Empty train platform
  3. A church
  4. An outdoor market
  5. Traditional garden
  6. A blue bicycle
  7. Empty bench in a park
  8. A shot upwards of a tall building from below
  9. A music store
  10. Crack in the sidewalk
  11. A multi-level shopping mall
  12. A Buddhist temple
  13. A shot of Seoul from above
  14. Wooden stairs
  15. Exposed roots of a tree
  16. Very rural street
  17. Interesting architecture
  18. A local festival celebration
  19. An advertisement with a picture of a bird on it
  20. A crowded bus stop or train station/platform

You can click the above photo or here to take you to the masterpost, where you can download the list in the size you prefer.

Please let me know if you participate, or link me to a blogpost if you make one regarding the scavenger hunt! Let me know in the comments if there’s a destination you’d like to see me do, or a size you’d like it in.

Always use your best judgement when taking photographs.

Happy hunting!

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