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If you know me, you know I love planning trips. I do own the Wandrd Travel Journal, which I love, but it does cost money and I know not everyone has the ability to splurge on one. I used to rely a lot on free printables, and besides, this one is a fun midori size so you can put it directly in a midori travel journal if you have one. If you don’t, you can cut out each side individually or change the printing scale or… whatever your heart desires 🙂 Update, I’ve made an 8.5×11 if you’d rather have a US Binder size.

Rather than having each page individually available for download, this one will come wrapped up altogether, and you can decide which ones you’d like to print! If you’d like the ability to edit any text on these, you can venmo me anything $5 or more donation and comment here or reach out via Contact page to confirm, and I can email you directly the PowerPoint file 🙂 Venmo ID: Tara-Trujillo-3

You can print as many of these as you’d like for yourself or anyone else! But please don’t repost outside of my blog, rather link back here, and of course no selling for profit. The size of these spreads are 8.5 inches by 8.25 inches

Included in this PDF:
-Trip overview page in two different styles with dates, currency conversion spot, emergency numbers and more
-Two different styles of budgeting pages with separate sections for lodging, flights & transportation, tours & experiences, and miscellaneous
-Restaurants and stores to check out, with a column for cuisine or store type, as well as city or area and a second version that has a column where you can check off if you visited or not
-A pre-trip checklist, separated for shopping, reservations, and documents to download or print
-Language page where you can write common translation you’d like to have with you in your target language
-An expense tracker to use once there with columns for date, description, category of spending and amount
-Daily planner in both a square style and rounded corner style, for your preference where you can log a basic schedule, main activities, food, daily budget and more

As always with this type of printable, I didn’t put a watermark on any of them because nobody wants a watermark in their travel journal 😛 Just please be a decent human and link back here!

I hope you can find good use for these, happy trip planning 🙂

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