FREE Trip Planner PDF (8.5×11)

Greetings! I have this in a smaller midori travel journal size, and had a request to make an 8.5 by 11 inch size, that could fit in a regular (US) binder. There wasn’t a color specification, so I kept this one neutral as well, but let me know if you’d like a specific color and I can certainly see about doing that 🙂

I did not put watermarks on these printables, as always, I ask that you link people back to this post rather than sharing the PDF outside of my blog. Please be a decent human and don’t claim these as your own and try to sell them.
You can print as many copies for yourself or someone you know, again, just please link back here for the actual PDF, thank you!

Included in this PDF:
-Trip overview page with dates, currency conversion spot, emergency numbers and more
-Budgeting page with separate sections for lodging, flights & transportation, tours & experiences, and miscellaneous
-Restaurants and stores to check out, with a column for cuisine or merchandise type, as well as city or area
-A pre-trip checklist, separated for shopping, reservations, documents to download or print and more
-Language page where you can write common translation you’d like to have with you in your target language
-An expense tracker to use once there with columns for date, description, category of spending and amount
-Daily planner where you can log a basic schedule, main activities, food, daily budget and more

I hope you can find good use for these, happy trip planning!

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