How to Make Vegan Fudge (easy 3 ingredients)

You better believe it, baby.

I found vegan condensed milk at my local Asian Market (Orem, Utah, literally called “Asian Market”, some Sprouts carry this as well). They had both condensed and evaporated milk, coconut base. I saw it and went “I’m making fudge”. And you better believe that’s what I did. If you don’t have the availability to buy vegan condensed milk, here is a recipe from a blog I follow, The Gastronomy Gal 🙂

Don’t want this to turn into one of those “life stories before recipe” posts, so let’s jump into it, shall we? You can watch the video below, scroll through for step by step instructions, or jump to the bottom for the recipe/instructions. Sorry I still can’t manage to add a clickable jump. I’ve tried, I just… can’t. I’m a real boy, I finally learned how!

Start by gathering all of your ingredients/supplies to make the process a whole lot easier. I’m using a mix of white and semi sweet chocolate for a more “milk” chocolate taste. You certainly don’t have to do this if you like semi sweet as it is. Surprisingly, Walmart brand carries an organic, allergen free, vegan friendly, white chip. The flavor is superior to Nestle’s allergen free white chip, in my opinion. I bought them on a whim because Nestle white chip wasn’t available at the moment. You can omit the salt and extract in this recipe, I just prefer them for a richer flavor.

Prepare your baking dish first, that you’ll be pouring the fudge into for storing. I line my 9×13 baking dish with tinfoil (can also use parchment paper, can also use… nothing but a bit of cooking spray, too, just harder to clean in the end) and give it a light coating of cooking spray for easier removal of fudge pieces.

Over low heat, add your butter, salt and condensed milk, stir together and allow to melt down a bit.

Add in your chocolate chips. This part takes a bit of time to get it all melted down, but just have some patience and stir frequently on low heat so none of the choco ends up burned.

See that melty, glossy shine? That means we’re all done with cooking! Wow, that was easy! We’re almost all the way done now, too.

Remove from heat and add in your vanilla extract (or whatever you like, I also made a white chocolate vanilla peppermint fudge that was *chef’s kiss*, so I added peppermint extract into that as well) and stir that in nice and good.

Pour that mixture into your prepared baking dish.

Smooth that sucker out. Put it in the fridge. It’s all over but the waiting. Give it about an hour to set properly, then it’s all yours. We’re really done already? What? Are you kidding me? That was so easy and so worth it.

Vegan Fudge (to fill 9×13 baking dish)
**Can omit salt and extract, but I prefer them for a richer flavor

*1 can of sweetened condensed milk (around 11 ounces, a little more or less is fine)
*2 Tbsp butter
*1/2 tsp salt
*3 cups chocolate chips (can do half semi sweet, half white, for a milkier chocolate)
*1 tsp vanilla extract (or any extract of choice)
1. Prepare lined baking dish with a light coating of cooking spray

2. On low heat in a sauce pan, add condensed milk, butter and salt, mix together

3. Add in chocolate chips, stir frequently until the mixture is completely melted down with a nice, glossy shine to it

4. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract

5. Pour mixture into lined baking dish and smooth out the top as needed

6. Place in refrigerator for at least an hour to set properly

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