Eating Vegan in Iceland

It’s not necessarily hard to find vegan options in Iceland, but… then again, it is a little difficult. This is more so because everything is so spread out, and not necessarily because there aren’t options to go around.

If you have access to a kitchen, check out my Easy Vegan Meals to Make When Traveling post, and know that grocery stores are a lot cheaper of an option than going out to eat.

If you don’t have access to a kitchen and you’re on a budget, my biggest tip there is to buy a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of jam (look for the ones that don’t indicate refrigeration after opening, though if you can’t find one and it’s cold while you’re there, you can store it outside/in the car!).
There are also a lot of vegan friendly snack bars and yogurts you can pick up from most Nettos, too. Some of them even have vegan wraps/sandwiches, in their cold sections. And don’t forget the vegan chocolate bars! I was able to have white chocolate there, first time in a long time, as far as candy bars go.
If you’ll have access to a refrigerator, Violife cheese is really common in Iceland Netto markets. There were also a lot of mock deli meat choices. You could probably make deli sandwiches for yourself, too!
I found Oatly milks, custards and creams in every Netto I visited.

If you have more money to spend and would like to check out some restaurants, I’d like to share some with you that I had the chance to eat at, or wish I could’ve eaten at 😊

Starting with Reykjavik. You know, for having the most vegan options, I just couldn’t quit going to The Loving Hut. Not only was it right down the street from my hotel, it also had a large menu with delicious food. I went three separate occasions and definitely would’ve went a fourth, if the opportunity presented itself.

Dominos in Iceland has vegan cheese options, so one rainy night, we ordered in a pizza and of course it was good, it’s pizza.
My non-vegan friend highly recommended that I check out Cafe Babalu, and have their vegan chili. I am very sad to report that I never got the chance to, but if a non-vegan loved it, I believe it would be an excellent choice!
Here are some of the other choices in Reykjavik:
Jomm (100% vegan)
Loving Hut- Vegan World Peace (100% vegan)
Mama (100% vegan)
Kattakaffihusid (vegan options)
Clicking the other choices in Reykjavik will take you to Happy Cow, with even more than what I’ve listed!

Through Hof, there is an awesomely ominous looking hotel called Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon. There isn’t much around it at all, it’s pretty remote. I stayed here for a night and found they had a few vegan options on their restaurant menu.

It’s quite expensive, and the food was good, but… the Loving Hut was better for way cheaper… still, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, having vegan options is an awesome plus!

In Hofn, almost across the street from us was a primarily vegan restaurant called UPS. We arrived at the front door to find a note that they were closed for a few weeks so the staff could vacation 😭 I’m really happy they got some time off, but so sad I didn’t get the chance to try this place.
There are a few more vegan options in this town, but the other one we tried only had 1 vegan option among a long list of animal flesh and I just felt really uncomfortable in there, so we got up and left before ordering. There is a Netto here with tons of vegan food, even frozen meals, so I ended up buying a lentil burrito with some chips and salsa, and called it good. Luckily I was staying in a place with a microwave!
Here are some of the other choices in Hofn:
Lilja Guesthouse (vegan options)
Ishusid Pizzeria Restaurant (vegan options)
Hafnarbuthin (vegan burger)

In Eglisstadir, we were spoiled with the most delicious vegan pizza and cheese bread at Askur Taproom. I highly recommend this place, it was truly delicious!

There were a few other vegan choices in Eglisstadir, we went to Askur Taproom, based on the online reviews. It wasn’t a let down, that’s for sure!
Here are some of the other choices:
Salt Cafe & Bistro (vegan options)
Tehusid (vegan options)

In Akureyri, we ate at this decently priced, and very tasty, restaurant called Hamborgarafabrikkan. Basically anything on the menu can be made vegan, but they also have a specialty vegan menu. It was really freaking good. They even have vegan sauces. I’m almost drooling right now, just thinking about it.

There are a few decent options in Akureyri as well:
Akureyri Backpackers (vegan options)
Akureyri Hot Dog Stand (vegan options)
Bautinn (vegan options)
Cafe Berlin (vegan options)
Clicking the options in Akureyri will take you to Happy Cow, with even more than what I’ve listed!

We did do a day around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, but we didn’t stop at any restaurants along the way to eat, and instead did prepackaged food and snacks. Do keep in mind that as you pass through smaller towns that have Nesti restaurants connected to the petrol stations, there are a couple of vegan options on that menu!

Overall, it really wasn’t hard to travel through Iceland as a vegan. There were plenty of options for food and snacks, both restaurants and grocery stores, along the way!

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